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This 4 x 5 foot oil on canvas shows a local dock located on James Island, SC, near Lighthouse Point. With its size and colors, this would be an incredible display piece that would compliment any room. This is a highly anticipated work in progress that, ideally, will be completed in the later months of 2021.

If you are familiar with Folly Beach, one would know this is the Morris Island Lighthouse. This is a 4 x 3 foot oil on canvas. As it is still a work in progress, many are excited to see the completed piece. The waves along with the dune grass makes the painting come to life, not to mention the vivid, eye-catching sunset.

What's a beach without a pier? Well, near the beginning of 2021, Folly Beach demolished their old pier entirely to have a new one complete in 2023. William began this painting in the late fall of 2020 before Folly's old pier was destroyed. This work in progress is a 4 x 2.5 foot oil on canvas.

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